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We are a manufacturing company producing by continuous development of advanced technology, brazing alloys, silver brazing, copper- phosphorous, soft solder and flux products for all industrial appliances, such as electronics, construction and aeronautics.

This wide application of solders requires Sopormetal to a constant development by focusing on fusion very high technology complying with the higher requirements, developing new welding alloys for brazing and soft solders, as well as a technological bet in fluxes with wide application spectrum, covering the entire market range.

On the other hand, the same has a compact line of continue wire-drawing for steel wire, brass, copper, nickel, etc. , and other different alloys covering the whole welding sector for TIG and MIG systems, reaching laser wires of low diameters.

We can say this way that we cover all the industrial sectors with very large and highly technological application fields.

All categories might be supplied in several formats, rods, wires, pre-forms (rings) "strips", spools and paste. Supported into a Customer Relationship Management system has a solution tailored to all particular needs of each activity sector.

All SOPORMETAL products are shipped with a Quality Certificate and Technical Data Sheet specifying their chemical composition, according to the quality process implemented in the company (ISO 9001:2008).

The packages have also been targeted for development, in order to make their handling more ergonomic and convenient for the customer / operator, ensuring that the unique properties of different alloys are not adulterated."

NOTE: The content on this site is only for information proposes and the contained specifications may change at any time, therefore should not be considered as a warranty or quality specification.

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